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Classic Clothes for Shorter Men

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Classic Clothes for Short Men


Built on the principle that everyone should be able to look good in what they wear, Silas Jackson focuses on classic yet affordable apparel for discerning shorter men of all shapes and sizes.

Our Beliefs

(1) Short men's clothing should be just as good as tall men's clothing, and just as fashionable. We shouldn't need to sacrifice style for fit, or fit for style.

(2) Clothing for short men shouldn't simply mean hemming up pantlegs or sleeves; it should be designed from scratch, the product of re-engineering a multitude of measurements rather than "quick fixes."

(3) Short men's clothing shouldn't cost more than clothing for anyone else. Everyone should be able to look good in what they wear.

(4) Clothing for short men should be a focus of the fashion industry rather than an ignored segment.