Silas Jackson`s Clothing For Men

We all know that shorter men often have difficulties in finding proper clothing. Many are left frustrated by the lack of stores and choices. However, there is still hope as there is one company that solely focuses on designing clothes for shorter men. Now the shorter people can breathe easily, as Silas has it all. Their clothes are specifically designed and created for people that have shorter physique, and their prices are more than affordable.

Lots of people get discouraged when they seek clothes of smaller sizes. Most of the fashion brands are not taking into consideration the needs of people with different heights, but they also fail to design clothes with more complicated designs regarding the arms and shoulder width.

Shorter men have different needs and they have different proportions than the taller men. Most of the clothing companies fail to deliver the proper sizes of the front, back, thighs, as well as ankle and knee alignments. Also the shorter men sizes further divide into different categories: slim, average, athletic, muscular, skinny, oversize, and lots of other variations.

Silas Jackson are a company that takes into consideration all of these things and are offering the type of clothes that the shorter men need. Positive thing is that they have checked all the brands and their designers have done a great job by finding and creating what is best for this group of men.

Shorter men do not have to look further than Silas Jackson, as the company offers some great clothes. They are a relatively new company, so currently they are offering button-down shirts, but are planning to expand their offer in other clothing apparels as well. Their shirt designs are unique and obviously thoroughly analyzed to fit in the needs of the men with a height of 5`6” and less.

Another great thing about Silas Jackson is that their prices are more than affordable, so the potential customers do not have to worry that they will spend lots of money on buttoned shirts. Shorter men often have worries of spending too much money on customized clothes. They usually have to visit a tailor that will take their measurements in order to design clothes for them. Tailors often charge a lot and they do not offer many different designs and clothing styles. With Silas Jackson that would not be necessary anymore.

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A Startling Research Update - Shorter Men Prefer Smaller Prices

Less Money, Same Shirts: $28 for Polos & $48 for Button-Downs

The heavily bespectacled researchers at Silas Jackson have emerged from their laboratory to announce an exciting discovery: customers would prefer to pay LESS for their clothing. 

Yes, you heard that right: we have concluded with statistical certainty that virtually everyone would prefer lower, as opposed to higher, prices when purchasing shirts for shorter men at This groundbreaking discovery has led us to immediately lower prices for both our Polo Shirt to $28 (from $45) and our Button-Down Shirt to $48 (from $65).

If only you had told us sooner! 

-The Silas Jackson Team


Why Shorter Men Walk Tall - The Amazing Benefits of Being Small

When it comes to male height, conventional wisdom has it that the only way is up - taller men are perceived to be more masculine and successful, while smaller men are often accorded distinctly less automatic respect, even being seen as figures of fun. However, there is a wealth of evidence to suggest that it's the shorter guy who has the last laugh in life, enjoying many health and social benefits that can be put down to being of a more compact stature, some of which may surprise you. Nowadays, there are even clothes specifically for short men, so the’re no longer left behind in fashion.

The first advantage smaller men have is one that runs counter to accepted expectations, and it's a badge that shorter men can wear with pride. A 2014 report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine presented anecdotal evidence that shorter men enjoy a more active sex life than their taller peers. The study quizzed 531 straight men between the ages of 20 and 54 about their bedroom activities, and while the main finding was not much of a surprise - that good looking men of slim build between the ages of 25 and 29 are the most active overall - the spread across height showed that being under 5ft 9in appears to be a positive when it comes to success with the ladies, with these busy men averaging 2.69 encounters per week.

Basketball may not be our thing, but that's not where it counts, is it?

This success could well be down to the simple fact that shorter guys will often be better lovers, as they have had to work harder to be noticed in the dating game than their more elongated rivals. They need to be more attentive and sensitive, make extra effort in finding clothes that the unique proportions of shorter men, and another study shows that this also translates into marital success. The University of New York, again in 2014, found that men of height 5'7" or lower were 32% less likely to go through a divorce than men of average height, a fact that the researchers speculated could be linked to smaller men tending to get hitched later in life, and so approaching married life with greater maturity and experience.

Shorter men also tend to have more years to enjoy their active love lives too, with scientific evidence showing that every extra inch of height on average reduces life expectancy by just over a year. One possible explanation for this has been offered by Dr Armand Leroi, a professor of evolutionary developmental biology at the Imperial College, London. Dr Leroi found that the growth hormone known as Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) was also responsible for many of the health problems encountered in later life, and so the very substance that increased a person's height also leads to earlier ageing. It seems that where nature gives height with one hand, it takes away years with the other.

And the health benefits don't end there.

Diminutive guys are less likely to suffer from cancer, with every four inches of height adding an estimated 11% of risk according to a study of 585,000 Europeans conducted in 2014. Again, it's thought that the hormones responsible for growth in height can also misfire and prompt tumorous growths.

Men over 5'8" also have a higher risk of blood clots, estimated at as much as 250% greater risk compared to shorter men. The reason appears to be that the heart needs to work harder to pump blood up to the higher brain, and overcompensates, leaving the lower legs prone to thrombosis.

Shorter men are better able to cope with extremes of heat and cold. Their smaller bodies have more skin area as a proportion to body mass, making temperature control more efficient, leading to less risk of heat stroke and associated problems.

Probably the greatest benefits of a smaller stature are, however, mental. While taller men can seem to sail through life, their extra height smoothing their path before them, smaller men often face more of a struggle to be taken seriously in a society that sets so much store by loftiness. This can however be a blessing in disguise, and to see why you only need to consider how many comedians and entertainers are shorter than the average.

One area where shorter men used to fall short (pun intended) is in fashion; shorter men were rarely seen as viable male models, something that is gradually changing. What’s more, the fashion industry is starting to focus specifically on shorter men, from custom clothiers to specialty online shops that make quality clothes for short men such as Silas Jackson, a brand that offers shirts for short men starting at just $28. No longer are short men relegated to the young boy’s department when shopping for clothes.

No more boy's department...

Living in a world often stacked against him, the shorter guy can come to rely on wit and intelligence to make his mark and to escape from the all-too-common bullying situations that are a feature of lower height in youth. Smaller guys have had to learn to be more self assured and comfortable in their own skins, nimble in the mind rather than relying on sheer physical presence to have an effect, and this of course is a quality that is immensely attractive to women.

Shorter men also often lead a life less filled with confrontation and aggression. While there can occasionally be some truth in the stereotype of the small man having a Napoleon complex, overcompensating for his lack of height with an aggressive manner, most compact males are happy to avoid the posturing and display that so many larger men feel compelled to indulge in. Smaller men can easily slip under the 'alpha male' radar: while the bigger specimens are slugging it out in a testosterone-fueled fight for dominance and status, the shorter guy can move in and claim the rewards unnoticed, as demonstrated with the sex life survey mentioned above.

Height is one of the few physical attributes that can't really be altered. No amount of gym work or dieting will change the situation if nature has drawn you the short straw, but the clever smaller man knows that appearances can be very deceptive, and that life is often better lived in a smaller body.

-Silas Jackson

The Frustrations of a Short, Fat Man.

I’ll admit it – I’m fat. Not, like, can’t get out of bed fat, but more like out-of-breath-tying-my-shoes fat. And I’m pretty short, too—about 5’6” with shoes, on a really good day. Those two facts together mean that finding clothes that fit is a pretty abysmal task; shirts that fit around the stomach inevitably assume that I’m a 6 ½ foot tall giant with long arms and a long torso, and shirts that fit in the arms and body length are inevitably too slim. I don’t even bother going into men’s clothing stores at all, and I’ve been forced to spend way too much money on custom clothes. Really frustrating.


I say this because I don’t think many of our customers realize that Silas Jackson’s sizing system actually works for larger short guys as well. Simply put, we have two lines – Classic & Slim. The Classic line can fit just about anyone, but the Large and XL sizes in particular are crafted for shorter men with, how should I say, a bit of “pudding under the skin.” Fitting everyone , not only skinny guys, was something I really cared about ever since I’ve started Silas’s personal.


So, if you’re a larger guy who is under 5’8”, check out our collection and rest assured that you, too, can find a shirt that fits well.


Happy 2016,

Ben Robbins, Founder & CEO of Silas Jackson

Our Story...

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted here...hope everyone is having a great summer filled with BBQs, lazy days at the beach, and good clothes that fit (I had to.) We've been hard at work here at SJ, rolling out more patterns (about 20 new ones coming soon), getting our new polo shirts ready for sale, and building out our website. On that note, we've dedicated some space to telling the tale of Silas Jackson - how it came about, what we stand for, and where we're going next. Check out The Silas Jackson Story to learn everything you wanted to know (and likely some things you didn't) about SJ and more, and let us know what you think!

All the Best,


Will Zach Galifianakis come to our photo shoot?

Major day for Silas Jackson...we're having our official NYC photo shoot tomorrow (Thursday, 3/26), and are still begging Zach Galifianakis to show up and try on our shirts for short guys.



We've tweeted at him,


facebooked at him,


and even wrote this e-mail to his agent:



Zach- If you're reading this, I'm not lying about the free croissants! Email me ben [a t] silasjackson [dot] com

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Clothes for Short Men: The Secret Color Tips You Need to Know to Stand Tall

We personally don’t buy into this myth that shorter guys don’t attract the ladies as much as taller men. After all, being shorter than average doesn’t seem to stop celebrities such as Usher, Ben Stiller, Mark Wahlburg and Prince, does it?

If, like Skee-Lo, you wish you were a little bit taller; it’s time to put that wish to bed, once and for all. The truth is, if you know how to dress well, you’ll not only add extra height naturally to your frame, but you’ll actually end up looking thoroughly awesome in the process, and you’ll never envy those over-sized 6 ft something giants ever again.


Secret Tips to Dress Well For Your Height

When it comes to finding great clothes for shorter men, there’s one trick you always need to keep in mind. Don’t just focus on fit; though of course, that is important. Think about color too.

We’re not simply talking about colors that suit you here. Of course, it’s nice to invest in a top that shows off the blue in your eyes, but actually, that shouldn’t be your predominant focus. Instead, we’re talking about the subtle art of using color to extend your body and to create the illusion of a lengthened physique.

Top Color Schemes to Wear if You’re Below 5ft 7”

  • Harmonious shades. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure that you keep the colors as harmonious as possible. Colors that dramatically stand out against one another can serve to ‘cut’ the body into sections, which will make you seem shorter, not taller.

Invest in clothes that complement one another. For example, a white shorter man’s shirt merges almost seamlessly with a pair of light grey slacks or faded jeans; rather than a pair of black jeans, which will only serve to visually sever you into two sections. 

  • Simple color schemes. As a general rule, we recommend keeping it as simple as possible, to accentuate your height. Complicated patterns, especially those featuring bold, bright colors, can draw attention to one particular part of the body, rather than allowing the eye to travel, unimpeded, from head to toe. Always keep in mind that you want people’s gaze to sweep up and down the length of your body, rather than honing into one zone, which will emphasize your shorter frame.
  • The vertical stripe trick is a good tried and tested method of creating extra height in your look. However, we’d recommend against big, bold stripes; as they can be overpowering on a smaller torso, and can draw attention to your stomach, which you only want if you’ve been working out! Instead, use a subtle stripe, to lengthen the chest. If you’re wearing a striped shirt, make sure to tuck it in, or buy a specially fitted shirt for your proportions.

Choose the Right Colors…Get the Right Fit

Of course, above all else, it’s so important to invest in the right items for your wardrobe. Choose clothing that has been tailored for short guys; as this will help ensure that you don’t get drowned by long sleeves, over-sized shoulders and endless material on the body.