About Us

It’s cliché but true that any good business solves a real problem.

Shopping for clothes as a shorter man has always been a frustrating experience, and usually finished, sheepishly, in the boy’s department. That’s because most department stores and even dedicated men’s shops focus on the average or taller man to the detriment of men 5’8” & under, who make up a significant 1/3 of the US population of men.

We decided it’s time to help shorter men find clothes that look good and fit well, without the need to shell out hundreds of dollars for pricey custom clothes. We researched the apparel industry, studied clothing measurements, surveyed short guys to find out what they wanted, analyzed 3D body scan data, and spoke with skilled tailors across Hong Kong and Asia. What we came up with—and what forms the fundamental philosophy of Silas Jackson—is below:

  • Cut out the middlemen: One early conclusion was that most clothing brands relied on far too many middlemen: sales reps, distributors, and go-betweens for go-betweens. At each stage, of course, someone was taking their share of the pie, which really adds up. So, we cut all of this out by doing it all in-house. We operate on a "just in time" framework where we manufacture small quantities based on customer demand, which also lets us iterate very quickly based on customer feedback. The quality is plain to see; we only use the finest 100% cotton, never any blends.
  • Markups don't need to be so huge. We'd much rather have dedicated, happy customers, than squeeze as much as possible from each sale. So, we set our prices reasonably, with our shirts for short men starting at $28 a pop even though they would normally retail for $80 and above given the fabric we insist on choosing.
  • Everyone's body is different, and hence we built our size chart on the premise that everyone deserves to look good in what they wear, from the XXS end of our Slim Fit line to our Classic Fit XL size. There's something for every single body type-- shorter, huskier, "skin & bones"...whatever size you may be.
  • Nuance counts. It's easy to lop off a few extra inches here and there, but that's a far cry from the rigorous design process that we employ. We literally began from scratch, questioning every assumption about neck width, shoulders, upper arms and lower arms, collar, chest, hip, and a whole host of nerdier measurements like drop and drape, to arrive at the fine shirts we offer at Silasjackson.com. The patterns, too, are especially chosen to flatter shorter men, which is an art that goes far beyond just avoiding horizontal stripes.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our site and learning more about Silas Jackson. If you have any questions, comments, or simply idle thoughts you’d like to share, do get in touch.


Warm Regards,

Ben Robbins & The Silas Jackson Team